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Understanding Your Options and Moving Forward

- Do you owe more on your home than its current market value?
- Are you behind on payments and wish you could just sell?


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Stop wasting valuable time online researching out endless amounts of information.
In the end, this process comes down to having the right agent who takes care of all the paperwork
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How does a Seller benefit from a short sale?

If falling on hard times, and you decide to sell your property as a short sale, the bank or mortgage lender will not evict you.  Instead, the lender will let you list and sell your property for less than your mortgage debt.  The lender may lose money but will agree to the sale of the property in order to avoid the foreclosure process, which could cost even more.

Nick can help ease the stress.  He can help you determine your options and manage the entire short sale transaction if this is the direction your take.  CALL 989-600-6806

How does a Buyer benefit from a short sale?

Buying a home through a short sale us similar to purchasing a foreclosure, but the two preocesses are not the same.  With a short sale, the bank or mortgage lender does not evict the homeowner.  The lender allows the current owner the chance to sell the house for less than their mortgage debt, or less than the current market value.  The benefit for buying a short sale is that you could purchase a property at a reduced price.

The process can often be very time-consuming and frustrating, and short sale transactions can have unique perils, but when managed by an experienced short sale specialist, the outcome can be most favorable.

Nick has been successful in representing buyer of short sale homes.  If you would like to discuss further, CALL 989-600-9806.

A relationship that goes beyond the transaction

Whether you are a seller or buyer, Nick is committed to your success, and will not stop until he has helped you achieve the goals you are looking for. The relationship you build together doesn’t just stop when you close on the transaction.  Nick is someone who stays invested for the long term.  "He is a good guy to know".  Nick's large referral base is proof of the positive impact he has in the lives of his clients.